about DCA

about DCA

EAEA is strengthening its relationship with the Design Communication Association (DCA). The conference in Lodz will be the occasion to gather and organise future mutual collaborations.

The Design Communication Association (DCA) is an international professional society composed of graphics/design teachers from schools of architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, graphic design, and product design.

The purposes of the Design Communication Association are: - To maintain a dialog among design communication professionals and educators concerning creative alternatives for teaching and promoting the concepts and skills of design communication.
- To encourage design communication educators to keep teaching these essential skills by offering them the opportunity to present and publish the results of their teaching and research.
- To improve communication and support among the various design professions and education levels based on our common interest in improving the way we formulate and communicate design ideas to our profession and the wider community.

For more information visit DCA website.

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